How to make sure that you travel #OneBagIsAllYouNeed

How to make sure that you travel #OneBagIsAllYouNeed

5 ways to make sure that you travel

Most of us want to travel but are unable to do so. Wondering how to make sure that you travel? The most common saying that we hear from the time we are young is “All work and no play makes jack a dull boy”. The truth is that most of us find ourselves in Jack’s shoes once we are out of college. An essential balance between our work & leisure is kind of missing because of our lifestyle. Taking out time to relax & rejuvenate is a task that is always hindered by hectic work hours & the daily job stress. Well, jack is dull, jack doesn’t like learning & exploring, jack is bored ; don’t be like Jack. Here are 5 ways to make sure that you get the time off that you need.

Here are some cool life hacks to get around the work stress & find time to revitalize. If you follow these 5 rules, you will always end up with a sure shot weekend getaway plan that wont end up getting cancelled.

1. Be inquisitive

You can learn so much more in just one day while you travel. Never satiate your hunger to learn or know more.


A Japanese Kokeshi doll being hand painted after being carved
A Japanese Kokeshi doll being hand painted after being carved.


That hunger to know more about people & places will drive you towards making sure that you travel. Traveling is the most fun way of learning; history, architecture, cultures, languages, geography, economics, lifestyle, adaptation, nature & wildlife, ideologies & philosophies – there is so much to absorb. If you think about it, its all these learning experiences that shape you. So always be eager to learn by traveling; that way you will try to move mountains to find time & travel.


A face mask being painted in India
A face mask being painted in India


2. Be independent

Most often, plans get cancelled when you are dependent on other people. If you are one of those people who hasn’t traveled alone before, it may seem a bit farfetched. Its normal to think that it will get boring if you are on your own. On the contrary, the truth is that you might start out alone, but you will never end up being alone. If you ever plan to travel on your own, you will always end up meeting other solo travelers. Now-a-days, traveling is a mass phenomenon.

A solo traveler/backpacker
A solo traveler/backpacker

People from all walks of life travel to all kinds of different places. So, if you plan to travel solo, it is very likely that you will end up meeting people who have similar interests as you. Look forward to meeting new people & learning new things from them; it will surely drive you to travel every chance you get.

3. Be impulsive

A very common cause of cancelled plans is too much planning. Planning overly & well in advance leads you into finding out too many flaws in the plan itself & you eventually end up cancelling. So the next time you need a break, DON’T PLAN! Be impulsive when it comes to making plans. Don’t give too much thought to where you will travel next. Make a plan just a few days before you actually travel, pack your bag & just leave.

Be impulsive. Pack light. Carry your essentials.
Be impulsive. Pack light. Carry your essentials.

4. Make a bucket list

Instead of planning where to go, plan what to do. Make a bucket list of all the things that you want to experience : food (street food, sea food, exotic food, fast food), cultures(music, dance, art), adventure(climbing, diving, jumping, surfing), nature(photography, camping, hiking). Be specific when you write your bucket list. To get an idea of a bucket list, one that has all the things that you want to do like there is not tomorrow, watch THE BUCKET LIST. Your real plan should be to strike out every item on that bucket list. So each time you want to strike out an item, plan a trip. Travel to a place that will help you complete a task from your bucket list.

A bucket list with all things you want to do
A bucket list with all things you want to do

5. Use Roadcast

Download the Roadcast app today & create your journeys. Creating & sharing journeys with everyone will inspire others to travel & take on the journey that you experience. Ask your friends to share their journeys with you. Roadcast is the newest travel social network. The app lets you create & share journeys in real-time. Your friends can see you live as you travel & you can share your experiences by dropping markers at any places of interest.

Roadcast traveler
Travelers sharing their route & markers

Tell your friends more about a place using these markers. Add photos & a description to make your journeys informative. Moments are best experienced when shared. Find other travelers who post journeys using Roadcast & drive yourself towards an endless love & passion for travel.

Happy Roadcast-ing!

RoadCast – Travel. Connect. Share.
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