Your Sales Force Needs to Keep up With the Pace of FMCG

Your Sales Force Needs to Keep up With the Pace of FMCG

Your Sales Force Needs to Keep up With the Pace of FMCG

Sales force management plays an integral role in the FMCG sector, as it is tasked with the responsibility of managing complex logistics. Goods manufactured at a particular location may need to be transported and distributed across the country, which is a humongous task, to say the least. To make it even tougher, the sales force has to work within strict deadlines to ensure that goods are delivered at the right place at the right time.

increase sales force efficiencyMaximize Sales Force Efficiency

  • Shipments are channelled through a multi-layer network of regional distribution hubs and warehouses, which brings about significant challenges in terms of inventory management. Transportation of goods by rail and road also throws us numerous challenges that the sales force has to deal with on an everyday basis. One also has to consider other potential problems such as criminal activity, political unrest, and natural disasters such as floods, cyclones, etc.
  • The sales personnel working in the FMCG sector have to be constantly on the move since there is intense competition in this industry. New products are launched quite frequently and these need to be made available to customers in the shortest possible time.
  •  The sales force has to match the marketing timeline to ensure that products are available to consumers as soon as the advertisements are aired on television/online media and published in the print media. Timely distribution also becomes essential in case of seasonal products that have a limited period of usability for the customer. If there’s a delay in supplying the product at the retail level, consumers might lose interest and choose a different brand. Things like these can have serious repercussions on the sales and revenue of the entire FMCG ecosystem. This is why the sales force needs to keep up the pace with the dynamic and fast-changing world of FMCG.


task management with help of Synco
RoadCast will help you manage your Sales Force efficiently

It’s apparent that such complexities cannot be managed solely with human capability. FMCG manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers need to rely on Sales Force automation tools to ensure the optimal level of accuracy and efficiency in their operations. One such tool is RoadCast Synco, which has emerged as the preferred choice for FMCG players. RoadCast Synco is a GPS-based Sales Force automation system that can be used for various purposes such as tracking employees and shipments in real-time; assigning tasks on the go; automating attendance without biometric system; and generating reports & analytics for improved decision making. RoadCast Synco eliminates the chaos, reduces operational costs and helps the sales force to achieve the highest level of accuracy, reliability and efficiency in their operations. For more info visit

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