GPS Tracking- How far have we come…

GPS Tracking- How far have we come…

GPS Tracking – How far have we come

My peers prodded me for being dissimilar since i was obsessed with history. I often heard people saying, “When are we consistently going to utilize history? What occurred in the past remains in the past.”

The truth, outside of me looking for self-approval, is that history is imperative. History shows us how to utilize the past to enhance what’s to come. Here’s how..

We all like long get-aways but did you know even that originates from history? For real! vacations originated from the religious journeys to visit shrines.

That being said, let’s see what the historical backdrop of GPS following is and how could it improvise the innovation into what it is today?

Roadcast : Real Time GPS Tracking Solutions
Roadcast : Real Time GPS Tracking Solutions
  1. Birth, 1960s. During the Cold War, the US and the Soviet Union competed for creating the coolest tech. The Soviets launched into outer space the “Sputnik”, the first satellite to orbit our planet. The American military also saw value in this technology and launched their own satellite. Throughout the 60s, the US military tracked its submarines, and hence, the GPS was born.
  2. Civilian use, 1983. It took a tragedy for the GPS to be released to the public. In 1983, Korean Air Lines Flight 0007 veered off course into the restricted Soviet airspace. It was mistaken for a spy plane and was shot down. President Reagan, in response, decided to release GPS technology to prevent future tragedies.
  3. Innovation, 90s-00s. Since being introduced to the public, GPS following kept progressing. The main shopper GPS gadget costed $3000 and kept running on short-lived batteries. From that point forward, engineers enhanced size, cost, and exactness to the point where GPS following was introduced on many armadas.
  4. Internet Age, 00s. Other technologies also grew and supported GPS tracking. One of these technologies includes cell phones. And now,4G networks have made the cellphones being used as remote computers.
  5. Present & Future. the progress of tracking and related technology has given us all the cool new ways to use GPS tracking. Recent advances include collision avoidance in self-driven cars using 100% mobile-based tracking.
Roadcast : Real Time Employee and Delivery Tracking
Roadcast : Real Time Employee and Delivery Tracking

So, Here’s how the biggest problems get solved with the Roadcast tracking system when only GPS Tracking fails to suffice us. The Roadcast Delivery App. and Locator are one of their kind that provide Delivery management and employee tracking in real time! Roadcast lets you assign orders and track their progress until completion. Its being proven the best aid for employers to keep their employees engaged and responsive while saving the pricey time & fuel, hence, increasing the efficiency of their business. Any delivery business can get its efficiency and profits raised with Roadcast.

Furthermore, your customers can also track their orders without their zeal succumbing to an endless wait for their orders to reach them, hence, improving the customer relationship as well. What else do we call a Tech Genie?

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