Go Green with RoadCast Tech

Go Green with RoadCast Tech

Go Green with RoadCast Tech

Fleet tracking management was once a manual, hugely complex and arduous task that was often characterized by delays, misappropriation of resources and human error. It also had a negative impact on the environment, as was evident in the voluminous amounts of paperwork required for generating various documents, invoices, reports, etc. Managing the paperwork was largely an unproductive task for fleet managers and it also took a lot of space, resulting in additional expenses.

It’s Relief Time 

Thankfully, such problems are non-existent today, as technology solutions have significantly transformed fleet management in recent times. High-end technology solutions have become imperative for businesses that are aiming for improved efficiency, increased revenue & profits, reduced operational costs, improved customer satisfaction and real-time tracking of vehicles, employees and goods. When talking about technology solutions for fleet management, the one name that immediately comes to mind is RoadCast, a company dedicated to helping businesses transform the way they deliver. 

Increase your orders intake and save cost by tracking it in real-time
Fleet Tracking: Save cost by tracking your all vehicles in real-time

The Real Solution

Fleet management technology solutions provided by RoadCast have proved to be immensely useful for fleet managers. The technology platform is available as an app and web-based dashboard, allowing fleet managers to track people, goods and vehicles on the go. As deliveries can be tracked in real-time, it automatically reduces the possibility of human errors and negligence. Overall, RoadCast Fleet Tracking & Management maximizes work-force efficiency, allowing fleet managers to achieve more deliveries with the same set of available resources. This minimizes fuel consumption, which is beneficial from both the cost and the environmental perspective. When calculated for the entire fleet, the cost savings and environmental benefits can be significant. 

Fruity add-ons

The other major benefit is that everything gets done digitally, which significantly reduces paperwork. For example, documents like e-bills and insurance papers can be shared digitally with the stakeholders. This is very useful for businesses that are aiming to reduce their carbon footprint, in line with the initiatives undertaken by the government to save the environment.

Value Added Features

RoadCast’s fleet management technology platform has various other features such as pick-up and delivery scheduling, auto-route optimization, generating reports & analytics, business intelligence, attendance reporting, and cash management. Fleet managers can also get real-time notifications about critical tasks such as GPS & internet status, delivery status, duty status, payment status, etc. Fleet managers can instantly track any activity or process, which gives them improved control over the operations of the fleet.

Go Green

Technology platforms such as RoadCast can be a game-changer for businesses that want to improve the efficiency of their vehicle fleets and work-force. It would also allow businesses to do their bit for the environment by reducing fuel consumption and going paperless.

For more information, log on to: www.roadcast.in

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