Here’s How Pathology Labs Can Provide Better Services

Here’s How Pathology Labs Can Provide Better Services

Here’s How Pathology Labs Can Provide Better Services

An increasing number of people are opting for home collection of blood samples these days, something that has created significant logistical challenges for Pathology labs. There was a time when operations of Pathology labs were limited to their laboratories, where people would come to give their samples.

Storing blood sample in a path lab
Storing Sample of Blood in a Pathology Lab

With the availability of online payment options and access to online reports, people prefer a home collection of samples. This is beneficial for people, as they can avoid the busy traffic and the prospect of waiting in queues. Home collection of samples is also useful in the case of patients, children, elderly people, and physically challenged individuals.

The increasing preference for home collection of blood samples has created numerous challenges for Path labs. For example, blood samples have a limited shelf life and they need to be delivered to the lab in a specific time frame. If there’s delay, the samples will essentially expire and they will become unusable for laboratory testing.

Phlebotomists are constantly on the move and they collect samples from various people in a particular locality. They also keep receiving new orders on the go, which creates additional problems. Finding the right phlebotomist for the job is also a challenge for Path lab, as people generally prefer to deal with someone they are familiar with.

phlebotomist collecting sample of blood from the home of sick person
Phlebotomist collecting sample of blood

Phlebotomists need to focus on their core job, which is taking the blood samples with great care and precision. They also need to ensure that the samples are stored properly and delivered in a safe manner to the lab. Phlebotomists cannot be tasked to deal with logistical issues, as it can affect their primary job of collecting samples.

For managing appointments, logistics, staffing and other tasks, Path labs need to implement advanced healthcare services management systems that would make things easier for phlebotomists.

Path labs that want to improve the efficiency of their sample collection process can use RoadCast Synco, a pioneering workforce management system. RoadCast Synco can perform various critical tasks such as real-time tracking of phlebotomists, appointment scheduling, timely collection and submission of samples, staffing, etc. RoadCast Synco gets everything done via a customizable app, which is really useful, as it can be accessed anytime, anywhere. Phlebotomists also benefit from RoadCast Synco, as they have a clear idea about their schedule and new orders are seamlessly incorporated without any major changes to the existing schedule.

With RoadCast Synco, Path labs can successfully boost their business through improved efficiency, reliability and customer satisfaction.

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